The Making

Everyone has its own idea of what blogging is all about. Mine, I've got this weird def of blog! It all started as a course project back in my college days, it was actually a photo blog and I posted them on I am not really good in writing lengthy articles but I can make short yet enticing captions.

Reading blogs from my fave bloggers including Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy made me decide to create my personal blog.

If you ask about my biography, I'll share a few...

the youngest and the only daughter of 4

 a mom of 1

a govt employee

an amateur photographer

an indie film actress

 online entrepreneur

 I love to bake cakes, I sell them and I'll give you a big discount if we are friends

 I am as BLUNT as a kick in the shins

 a pdf/epub worm (because I only have few books at home)

 an avid eater of blueberry cheesecake and choco butternut

 in love with vintage country side themes

 cold bev. addict

 obsessed with sneakers

 attends outreach programs to some remote areas in Mindanao (hopefully will make it to nationwide)

 an advocate against infidelity and bullying

 frustrated singer

 frustrated architect

a dreamer, a believer and a Hopeful person.

I live in the motto of: There is no impossible if you try.